Confused by all of the different available Grow Light Reflector Hoods?  HTGSupply is here to save the day with a breakdown of what you need to know go make an educated decision when buying a Grow Light Reflector Hood. Continue reading

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HTG’s Halloween Zombie Party – A Spooktacular Growers Event!

HTG's Halloween Zombie Party - A Spooktacular Growers Event

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OCTOBER 31st 2012


1) 30% off All Humboldt Nutrients (excluding Roots)

2) 10% off all items for Costumed attendees (excludes discounted items)

3) Each Customer receives 100 bonus loyalty points (with purchase)

A number of big-time nutrient vendors are coming in to show of their latest products, provide valuable growing tips and give away free samples. Continue reading
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The Watchdog

The Watchdog 12kg Automatic Fire ExtinguisherI wanted to talk a little about this product because I feel like it is underrated and not used in enough gardens. The Watchdog is a automatic fire extinguisher and honestly, it might be the cheapest insurance policy you ever buy for your indoor garden. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with a great number of growers but all too often I hear about house fires caused by garden related issues. I don’t want it to sound like I am saying that indoor growing can be a fire hazard, so let’s be clear that in every case the fire was a result of the gardener’s carelessness. That said, accidents can and will happen. I see the Watchdog Automatic fire extinguisher as a real source of peace of mind for sure.

Often when gardeners are constructing their grow area, or just pricing out the gear they overlook the Watchdog fire protection devices because they not part of actually growing the plants. Or maybe they think that it is out of budget. Trust me guys, if you had a fire you would lose out a lot more then the few measly bucks it costs to get one of these over your garden.  Your indoor garden is often unsupervised for hours and without the fire protection that the Watchdog provides you are often risking not only your garden but often your home and all of your possessions.  Also, if you had a fire you know you are losing the plants anyway. At least if you have a Watchdog automatic fire extinguishing system go off you would still have a home to come back to; A home for you to rebuild the garden by simply cleaning up and putting it all back together.

The Watchdog 6kg Automatic Fire ExtinguisherSo let’s talk about how the Watchdog works for a little bit. It is a simple design really. The fire extinguisher agent that is used in a Watchdog can put out most any type of fire. It is activate at a certain temperature, about 130 degrees, just like a sprinkler system in a commercial building. A small mercury filled tube is located at the bottom of the Watchdog fire extinguisher and when it melts the extinguisher is activated. It usually takes a smoldering fire to melt this tube, so don’t think that your hot grow room can lead to an unnecessary release. Once the Watchdog automatic fire suppression device is activated the fire goes out right away. These things really do the job quick! Once that tube melts the result is practically an explosion of fire extinguisher fluid that will put out a fire instantly.

For as affordable as these things are, and for as much damage as they can prevent I feel like they should be a standard in every grow room. Do yourself a favor and get one. I would rather see you have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

Don’t be “that guy”.

The Watch Dog Automatic Fire Extinguisher 2kgSo that’s all for now growers! You can always feel free to call or email me anytime with any questions. I invite you down to the USA’s and Denver Colorado’s favorite Hydroponic and Indoor Gardening Super Store to see the full line of Watchdog Automatic Fire Extinguishers.  We stock dozens of these units, fully charged and ready for use.  The Watchdog units are available in 3 sizes, The Watch Dog Automatic Fire Extinguisher 2kg which will cover a 4’x4’ area, The Watch Dog Automatic Fire Extinguisher 6kg which will cover a 6’x6’ area and The Watch Dog Automatic Fire Extinguisher 12kg which will cover an 8’x8’ area.  Prices start at about $60, again, maybe the best investment to protect your grow room that you could ever make!


CJ – HTG Supply, Commerce City CO

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2012 HTGSupply Colorado Spring Bash!

2012 HTGSupply Colorado Spring Bash

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On April 21st HTG Supply in Commerce City will be hosting the its 2nd Annual Spring Bash! HTG will be giving away a FREE door prize to everyone that shows up.

This year’s event will feature live entertainment and refreshments all day long. We have major vendors coming from all over the country to show you their new products and support the HTG Supply Spring Bash. We are expecting to give away thousands of dollars worth of grow gear. There will also be many of the nation’s leading grow experts on hand to give you  tips on how to get the Continue reading

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What’s the Big Deal About pH?

Hello readers. Today I want to talk to you about a topic that is not talked about enough. I want to discuss the importance of pH maintenance and how you can check and control your PH.

So, what is pH?pH Meters

When we measure pH we are measuring the levels of acid or base in our solutions or medium. A pH of 7 is neutral, a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic and a pH higher than 7 is basic or alkaline.

Why should I care about my pH?

Because pH will have a direct effect on the nutrient’s availability to be ingested by your plants.  All of our fertilizers contain a number of different nutrients and each of these nutrients have different properties that separate them from the others. Some nutrients may be more available for ingestion at a pH of say 5.5 while others may be more available at say 6.5.

Continue reading

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CO2 Enrichment

Hello readers. This month I want to talk about CO2 and what it can do for your garden.

To really understand why CO2 is good for our plants we should first take a look at the process of Photosynthesis. Basically Photosynthesis is a process of the plant taking in CO2 and a particle of light called a Photon to produce the energy required to produce new growth. CO2 is measured in the air in Parts Per Million (PPM). The ideal PPM to have in your garden is anywhere between 1200-1500 PPM. The ambient PPM of your average environment (depending on your home town) will be between 300-500 PPM. Anything less then 1100 PPM is not going to show you any major results

If you supplement CO2 in to your garden you will be able to notice results IMMEDIATELY and that is no exaggeration. Continue reading

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This month I want to talk about your roots and how important they are to your harvest. over time I have come to find that the size of our plants roots seems to be grossly underrated, and this saddens me because in my opinion the roots are the most important part of the plant!

Massive roots of a sunflower at 14 weeks

Massive sunflower roots at 14 weeks.

The old saying goes “the bigger the roots the bigger the fruits” and there is good reason for this phrase. The amount of the potential harvest you will acquire at the end of the bloom is directly related to the amount of roots you grow in the vegetative stage. Think about it this way, if you have a large plant but you only have a small root zone then how can we expect to provide our entire plant with all the water and food it needs. With out a proportionately sized root zone you are incapable of enjoying a heavy harvest. Continue reading

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Great New Solution for Spider Mites

Hello Readers!!

I wanted to let you know about a product that has really impressed me. It is a type of Spider Mite Control that has shown exceptional results.  If you have ever had Spider Mites you know that they are one of God’s most resilient creatures. Before I get too far into the ultimate cure I will elaborate on thePestitself.

Spider Mites

Spider Mites- They are incredibly small bugs (less then 1 Millimeter) so they are often not noticed by the average grower until webbing is spotted. They love hot and dry conditions and a single female can spawn a million mites in less then one month! Because of this rapid rate of reproduction mites can adapt very quickly and develop a tolerance to common pesticides over a small number of generations (can be as little as two or three weeks). This is why it is common to see pesticides that once worked well, begin to lose effectiveness against mites over time. These adaptations become even more troublesome if the grower uses only one certain pesticide as opposed to using multiple types to keep the pests tolerance “on its toes”.  One example of such an adaptation has to do with a new response to Pyrethrum pesticides. The female Mite will now lay eggs when it is threatened by Pyrethrum, and a mature male can germinate those eggs any time down the road. So if a female lays eggs after a grower uses a bug bomb for example, and a male Mite gets to the eggs later on the grower is now faced with an entirely new infestation. Plus these new Mites may be more resistant to Pyrethrum then the adults who died in the generation before.

Continue reading

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New HTGSupply Colorado Blog

Welcome to the new blog for High Tech Garden Supply – Colorado. Check back here to keep up to date with all the happenings at the store. From time to time we will announce events, special offers, new products, and information on various issues that are important to customers of this store.

If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment or email us at

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